Thursday, July 20, 2006

Though my blog is quite dead, i'm very much alive. maybe because i didn't know what to blog these days. i don't know what is it that i can tell and what i should blog about; OR maybe (most probably) the twisted story of mine is just too long to be told and there's hardly any words that can describe it. i know, it's complicated. *scratches head*


my holidays have long ended, like 2 weeks ago. i've already attended classes for 2 weeks now and it's just torture. having too many subjects in one sem is a problem.... what's more worse is 4 out of 5 days, my classes start at 8 am. Everyone who knows me well enough, especially collegemates know i have problem with early classes. it's either i won't appear cos i overslept or i'll probably be late and be marked absent anyway! the bright side of the story is, my dark eye circles are fading slowly because i'm sleeping much much earlier now... i take afternoon naps almost everyday after college.... and i don't experience any insomnia anymore. just plop on the bed and i transform into a pig faster than sailormoon's transformation (some funny fella said this, not my idea).

another depressing thing... i have 6 subjects this sem and EVERY single one of them seems like hell. one week into the college and we're supposed to start doing assignments... and it's not only one. they're SEVERAL bloody killer-assignments each subjects. *calculate* that makes it more than 10 assignments to do.


well, at least the past 2 weeks have been very peaceful for me (minus the college). the major problem that makes me pull my hair out? it kinda subsided for a while... doesn't mean it's gone. it's still there but it's less of a bugger now. i'm so glad for the harmonious environment now. i know i have to face it again someday soon, and i mean 'really soon'. i don't want to delay it either at the cost of having someone else drown in misery. especially when i hurt someone i love dearly just so that i can avoid the problem for a little while. i nearly solved it once and for all, but it didn't work out. there's lack of compromising. i'm so SELFISH... i know that too. there's no need for reminders.

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