Sunday, February 25, 2007

dA' jeEz of Chinese New Year

It's 8th day of Chinese New Year as some of you already know. And also to let Kah Mun know... haha. College is starting tomorrow and i can tell you CNY is boring to hell. i don't have the excitement to collect ang pow now. usually, i keep track of how much i'm able to collect. this year...i put it all aside and i still don't know how much 'richer' i got. it doesn't matter already.

Anyway, as CNY was boring, i spent most of my time going out with Edmund and there were 2 days i went out with Iris and Kean Foong to drink... alcohol. I think it was the 3rd day of CNY, we went to Las Carrestas, Taipan to drink margarita. We were not able to sit long cos we reached there late and they're going to close at 12 midnight.

look at my glowing margarita; effects from a mini torchlight!

The next day, i met up with Iris and Foong again cos i'm just too bored at home. I called Foong in the afternoon to check if he's free and he said he's havin a party at home, so we could join too. In the evening, i quickly get out of my boring house and head off to fetch Iris. It was a shock when i go through the front door of Foong's house. it IS a party! So frigging many people in there. And that's what we called 'masyarakat berbilang bangsa'! Haha... there's malays, indians, caucasian, chinese... anyway, i got a few pictures of the food. Foong's mum is a good cook. :)

this dish is actually fish.. but the 'nuts' thingy on top are called 'buah kolak' or something like that. and they need to be soaked in water for a month to ripen!

and these are the rest of the food.... (sorry, i can't take good pics :)

right after the dinner, we head off to sunway pyramid to drink. at first we wanted to go to Qbar, but we saw that it's scary inside cos there's no people. we went to Bar Flam instead and there's actually so much more people in there. We got ourselves a bottle of Bacardi Limon and dance the night off till my leg hurts and till my chest burns (it must the side effects of smoking). Oh... and Foong learned to dance from me and Iris. He got the beats at the end of the night. Hooray to Foong.

i believe we're very sober when this picture was taken.

We're going to go club again..very very soon! haha....

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