Friday, September 07, 2007


i realised my pattern of blogging is like this > 2 entries a day for 3 days..then no entry for 2week to a month.

then i lost the mood in blogging because i have so many frustrations, that if i vent it into my blog... it's going to be censored.

nevermind that now....i'm in a very neutral state of mind currently. So i shall blog peacefully. *peace sign*

--i'm farkin' hungry right now but no food. plus i'm not in the mood for alot of food...

-- it's farkin' noisy because the electrician is drilling a big hole through the wall.

--i'm farking amazed at their BIG drill because it only took them 3 mins to drill a 8cm diameter hole through the thick wall. AND i took a day to get a few small screws in.

--i'm farkin going to die looking at the chunks of cement on the floor, and the dust everywhere!

--on the brighter side, i got an air cond installed in the room. means no more hot afternoons!

--which also equals to more money spent on electricitY!

oh darn it. like what jamie said: "this is the price you pay to get something luxurious"

though i don't consider air cond luxurious...maybe a BMW is equivalent to luxurious. ok i'm dreaming.... nyahaha... i have to start cleaning the whole house now!

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