Thursday, September 13, 2007

the horrible truth

i am sitting on the bed with my pajamas, laptop on my lap and the quilt covering me.

i guess there's nothing better to do since i'm already slacking like no one's business right now. There's lots of things that i can do; assignments are very good example. However i refused and retaliate at the idea of doing something fruitful.

Blogging kills the boredom and so here i am. I was just done reading Jamie's blog on the scarcity of guys in the world, and how hard is it to find someone that really suit you. I was unconsciously nodding my head while reading that.

Jamie, you forgot one very important point! the ratio of man to woman is 1:3... in addition, research found that the number of gay guys and transexuals (man who became woman) have increased. That means, available guys are even lesser than we thought now. The horrible future prediction: MORE SPINSTERS!

And yes, it's damn bloody true that the guys with potential are either attached/married/engaged/gay. DUH. I mean, if a girl found herself a very decent guy that she loves and good enough to be a bf/husband... why let him go? If it's me, i would probably chain him and do 'all means' to keep his heart on my side.

All means: cooking or learning to cook, do the housework eventhough raised as a princess, accept any of his weakness if it's not too much, learn the art of stripping and pole dancing, seduce him once in a while and change own personality if it is to become his dreamgirl. yada yada...

The BIG Question is: Would you rather become a spinster or accept someone who has a lot of weaknesses but will love you till the world ends? When i say weakness, i meant bad tempered, fugly, poor, arrogant, dirty, unpleasant, old and etc.

As for me, i think i found someone that i really love. Look pleasant enough and not dirty and old. THere are of course weakness such as being bad tempered and inconsiderate at times. He definitely does not know how to make a girl happy. Being with him is something that already made me happy but at times he drives me over the cliff, making me have the urge to pack and leave him behind with the hope of finding someone twice better.

Nonetheless, here I am in the same room as him every night. So i guess it means i haven't jump over the cliff yet. There are the good days where each of that can replace ten bad days. Do the calculation and you know why i'm still here. The good outweighs the bad in terms of quality not quantity.

As for my friends who know the situation i'm in right now, they will understand what it takes for me to stay with him and how much more obstacles to go through before i can confidently say ''Happily ever after"

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simply me, Jason said...

Reading this just made my day... gee so guys are limited edition now eh? Last I checked, the ratio was still 1:2.. since when humans produced more baby girls? haha...