Monday, October 08, 2007

why headache now?

LEt's CelEbrATE!!

Celebrate what?

well, it's because i finally log into my blogger and yes, i typed something (as you can see). that's definitely worth a celebration.

UNFORTUNATELY, just when i have the mood to blog....

i get a MASSIVE headache. migraine probably. really really horrible one.. with intensifying pain. can't wait to lie down and be dead.

I have so much to write. why headache now?

i wanna grumble about a boyfriend that never understand me or probably put no effort in doing that; despite my numerous attempts at telling him what i really wanted.

i wanna complain about this bitchy lecturer of mine who is so biased and unfair in her judgement. and i thought teacher's taught me not to judge a book by its cover. She swears and curse and yell in class, making me wonder every once in a while, has this what teachers/lecturers at private institution become? SAD

i wanna brag about my new room, which i wasted time and effort in decorating it. and how i feel most comfortable in it.

i wanna complain about myself gaining weight as if being slim is a deadly crime. i wouldn't take that as an excuse even if there's such rule. i tried so hard to refrain from eating but i guess i just have to indulge in good food every now and then.

and about how my own boyfriend tease me bout me being fat. it's just so traumatic that i almost save all my money from freelancing and get my body done in a slimming centre.

okays, i think my head is at the verge of exploding. shall stop.

to be continued..... (in time to come).

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