Monday, December 03, 2007

Wonders in QBar

first time i went with Kit Yee and Wai Yin for nuts. we ate in KimGary and then head to Qbar cos i needed some promoters urgently, so i thought go there and 'take' some la.

who knows? no girls at all that day. except us. then got one group of aunties clad in sexy black pieces came in.. i respect them....they dare to dress like that in their age and they come out in group for girls night.

someone said, "maybe they are spinsters".

they walk in in a line along the glowing platform and i was already staring at them because i though they were young girls at first. and then i see more more and more coming, like a HUGE group of them.

i can tell you, they're my fascination of that night. i couldn't stop observing them although they sat right at the back.

the second amazement was, they can really drink beer. They ordered a tower of beer at first, it finished, they ordered another and another. OMG. i told Wai Yin, "LOok at them, they can really drink man!"

and then i spent the rest of the night talking to a stranger and watching Kit Yee dance.

Did anyone know, she can really dance? Almost the whole Qbar was looking at her when she dances. *applause to Kit Yee*

OH.... and girls, don't drink beer so much. I saw most of the elder ladies got bloating stomach.

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