Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One minor mistake= DEAD

I'm so sleepy and woozy now... Working late for almost a week in a row can really really kill me.

And yesterday was supposed to be the last of all the late night, so we crossed our fingers and hope for a smooth one. Guess what?

It's not that smooth. DUH...

The leaflet has already started printing and guess what? There's error somewhere inside. Minor one but still can die. I was at fault because it's under my care.

I knew something wouldn't turn out right if we're checking the words 3am for a few days.

ArrrghhhHH.... For 4 months nothing happened. Now the shit arrived. I must be jinxed.



temenggong said...

I do not accept the apology which is qualified in various ways.

You have shown the stereotype image most of the chinese community has about Indians. Ask the beer and alcohol suppliers and they will confirm that its the chinese who consume the most alcohol. Read the crime stats and know that its the chinese who are largely into grand theft.

You cannot wish this away with apologetic musings. The Indian community does not accept your apology.

I can quite well say that you have overstayed your welcome in this country. Your community which trivialises and dismisses this act will pay for this! Your father needs to be informed, and he has to address this issue!

Anonymous said...

stupidity can bring u tragic. think before you speak.

Pangkis Pangazou said...

I don't think the right way to put out a fire is by igniting another flame. Rightly so, she should apologize for making a stereotyped comment on an entire community. But please take things into perspective... you cannot put out a fire by adding fuel to it. So, temmenggong i can't quite say i agree with your comment above. It shows that your comments are no different from her previous "racist" comment. If people starts picking up stones to throw at each another... i don't see how all this nonsense will ever end.

Anonymous said...

Take responsibility for your actions. Don't turn around and call other people racist! I am half chinese and Indian but 100% Malaysian. You definitely don't belong in this country. God will deal with you.

Anonymous said...

You may be a rascist at heart, but you don't have to beat your chest and reveal to all who's willing to hear you whine. Education and exposure in life makes us who we are: whether rascist or not. Lack of both makes one a bigot. It's sad to see this coming from one so young as you.

I can only hope that your blog does not incense others nor encourage racism. The sole of my foot is as white as the skin of your face. So what's the big deal?

Blog responsibly my dear. I've read this before: It's better for you to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot, rather than to open it and remove all doubts!

joseph said...

to temenggong

why of a sudden you and many ppl are so into this race thingy? don't we have enough from the politicians?

pls don't be a hypocrite to all who think they are non-racist at all. everyone of us here is guilty of being racist in one way or another. it was just a personal expression by a normal person like you and i when had went through a bad day. let's not be hypocrite about being racist in private or in public. have you not being a racist at one point in your life?

what do you want to do then? to do something cruel to sammy or what? wanting to release and fuel your anger? and wanna bring everybody back into some sort of fighting?

have you not (including me) that if we want to bring the country forward, we should abolish racist policy at institution level and thereafter education to majority of the public to learn not to be racist?

after all said, we live in a real world where you can't deny the fact that racism will and still continue to exist but to what level you wanna institutionalise it? you can't get rid of it. ....

if everybody wants to jail her for her remarks, i think we should all go to jail including the politicians.

are you ready to go to jail?

Anonymous said...

i believe, you are getting very emotional till you critize the innocent one too.Robbers are every where.My shop was robbed few years ago by Three Chinese with Parang.I lost almost 3 notebook, 3 handphone, and RM 3000 cash.I didn't talk bad about chinese.I do respect other race brothers and sisters.We need some self control and dicipline .Recommend you to take meditation and yoga class.Will help you to calm down.

Adam Wee said...

Sammy, which company do you work for ? I can't understand why anyone would want to employ you as your English is attrocious.Besides the obvious that already has got you into trouble.

I hope you are not a suit - as this simply won't do.

You are a disgrace to USM !

Anonymous said...


i find you to be very arrogant and this I must say will not do you any good.

Stereotyping is a crime. There are criminals in every race and for you to belittle an entire ethnicity for the actions of a couple of crooks reflects badly on your character.

It also shows that you are a shallow person lacking in intelligence.

For your own sake, I hope that you will change your mindset.


L said...

Hi Sammy

Found your blog through the MalaysiaKini website - and apparently you are being investigated for claims against 'racist remarks' made.

Well I'm a Chinese girl - and I have gotten snatched before. Probably far worse than you - ended up in the ICU because I got snatched and the thief left me lying unconscious on the road. -_-"

My thieves were 2 Malay men on a motorbike. Of course I feel hatred etc towards the two robbers. But I still feel that its unfair to stereotype them like that. The people who robbed you are probably only a small irresponsible portion of the large indian community.

I know how you feel when you said that. Trust me I do. :)
But to say that publicly, I know it's your personal blog and all but still - somehow perhaps because this is Malaysia and we live in a multicultural community that those type of talk are left to be said with friends, at home or with your relatives la - that's perfectly normal:)

But to come out and say it in your blog - its perhaps not so advisable - lol just in case they catch you and put you in ISA. Better not say la :) we all know what the conditions of our country is like maa

So if you don't want to go to jail so young - then maybe you should say sorry lehh. Just in case :)

Anonymous said...

i say for a 22 yr old she still has lot of guts.

Or she has been grown not knowing about the reality outside.

And when she kept saying only to educated ones; showing her inner securities of trying to hide behind daddy's pillow.

My oh my all for a handphone; i hope she did lodge a police report and mr police officers; pls find the theives before she tells the whole world that she went bankrupt becoz she lost her handphone.

Poor you Sammy i still feel you have still a lot awaiting from the blogosphere...

Anonymous said...

The police have said they will investigate u, Sammy.

I hope u will find a way out of this. Making a public apology via police will help u now..

Anonymous said...

by M.Hwang:

You are young and you screwed up. Sh!t happens. But you are an adult at 22. To save yourself from this situation, just issue an unconditional public apology on your blog.

Don't try to qualify it by giving excuses or that you had a bad day. It will not work. Better still, shut down this blog and start another one. This should give you a clean slate. But apologise first...unconditionally.

The good thing is you are not a politician nor have any political value for politicians, so this booboo would be allowed to die down. But you have to act fast.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sammy

An advice to you...
I think you better engage a lawyer now... The news about you insulting a certain race has now in the centre attention of Malaysia !


You will be detain anytime for police investigation.

Get prepared, I think no political party will stand by your side defending you this time. Unless, you're detain under ISA.

Many see your apology carries no signs of remorse at all. I hope you'll learn from your mistake and know the gravity of it.

Good Luck...


michael said...

You blog belongs to you and your thoughts. You are entitled to your opinion and to express your mood in the confines of your blog.

Don't let others take that away from you especially those who visit your blog for the first time just to condemn you.
There is no necessity of any public apology because you have never invited those strangers to view your diary.

Good luck !