Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RIP John Tan, with love.

I have no idea what to blog for quite some time.
Nothing amuses me anymore, life is not mundane, but nothing was out of the box.

Monday morning I received a call from someone I least expected to pass me a news that I wouldn't have expected to be so soon.

He has news about John Tan.

The guy who keep me entertained from pm till am over the phone.
The guy who taught me some computer technical terms.
The guy who taught me to listen to some songs.
The guy who told me what was it like to love someone, truly.
The guy who told me the love he has for his family and friends.
The guy who listened to my problems and advises.
The guy who listened to me nag on about my life without prejudice.
The guy who would skip sleeping to listen to me talk.
The guy who I can share secrets with no doubt.
The guy who was my first close male friend.
The guy who became my first puppy love.
The guy who became my first boyfriend.
The guy who let me feel the innocent love of childhood.
The guy who told me I'm special for who I am.
The guy who's understanding and told me I'm the same too.
The guy who made me feel sad and worry for him.
The guy who actually convinced me on LDR.
The guy who disappear on me without notice.
The guy who can make me forget my anger of him when he's back.
The guy who made me wonder of his whereabouts from time to time.
The guy who can live in anonymity without hesitation.
The guy who has great talents but kept low profile.
The guy who many people loved.

Yes, there's finally news about him after last seeing him 4 years ago.

After 4 long years, I met him again.
At his funeral.
He still looks the same.
And I heard he was still himself until his last day.
Low profile, anonymous and full of love (without showing it).
It took half a day for that news to sink in.
That he's no longer around.
That I can finally stop thinking about ways to keep in touch with him.

RIP John, and you'll always be loved by all of us.

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yapct said...

so sorry to hear that. What happened to him?