Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ANOTHER day wasted...

yet, another day wasted.. i spent my whole day out of the house only to know that i have tonnes of homework n assignments up my arse. great.. and i just only found out that i have acc test on mon right after this week's break. shitZ.z.. luckily suet reminded me.. now, i have more things to worry about because i didnt pay attention in accounting class.

then again..i 'planned' to finish at least half of my assignments by today and see what happened. i am at level zero now.. but i have outdoor plans lined up till friday. sat n sun i have to work... siGh....

i woke up yesterday with the heart and the will to do my homework. went online for an hour, and i called wai yin up for lunch. i tot it's just going to be lunCh. which means after eating, i'm going right home. yeah right.. john tan sms me at the same time to meet him in ss15 cos he's around there. so i picked wai yin up and met john to have lunch together... killed 2 birds with one stone! and i get to meet john's gf... ngek ngekz.. ate till 3 pm.. called kit yee to come out and meet us. i didn't see her for almost a year... so lunch wasn't just lunch...

drove straight to ioi mall cos she stays near there.. and to see my darling. :p 3 of us girls were shopping in giordano.. we nearly turned the shop upside down.. bought pressie for foongy, my classmate. my darling didn't reach work till 6pm. terrible cough medicine.. he couldn't wake up. i bought some clothes for myself and ambi-pur for my car.. then went yam cha together in wong kok. hahahah... 3 of us laughed so much our stomach hurts.. and i laughed till there wasn't any sound coming out, but u see my face laughing like an idiot. that's how hard we laughed.. the good old days. my bf was there too but he felt so out of place... cos he wasn't laughing. :(

my dad came home early yest cos it was merdeka eve... i didnt know! shits.. he called me at 7 pm n asked me where am i. too late to still be in college rite? haha great.. told him i'm in frens hse coming home soon. so i reached home at 8pm after dropping wai yin off.. and kahmun came to pick me up at 8.45 cos there's another gathering for girls!

it's so so so rare to have 5 of us sitting together chit chatting. everyone's so busy.. so there we were in mont kiara's coffee bean. we had out drinks.. talked and planned for our holi.. took pics even!! then i got a call from my bf asked me wanna go join his frens in genting or not.. i was like wat???! so suddden... i was wearing skirt. shyTz.. i went anyway. it was jAm on the way up to genting.. reached there 12.30 am..means i celebrated merdeka in the car. muahhah.. like i bothered anyway :p

lepak-ed there....had baskins... freezed myself to death... bla bla bla... i reached home at 6 am. shits..again... my father woke up 10 mins before i got home. got screwed for 10 minutes and i went to sleep... today i still haven do any of my work..! i'm so scared now... how ler???? damn..i have to leave house in one hours time for birthday parties... *sobs* i'm gonna be a drop-out. how am i gonna manage to pull through this time??

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