Saturday, September 03, 2005

i craShed!

omg... i'm so screwed today. i feel so so terrible now... i'm damn guilty this time. just came home from yam cha-ing with my darlin n his frens despite of my heavy workload waiting at home. after having a drink with his frens, we passed by oug so i decided to call kah mun to see if we could meet up with her. it was dreadful to go home, as usual. i just wanted to hang out longer before going home and continuing with my work. never thought worse things can happen. when we stopped by at the road side to call kah mun, my bf asked me to change place with him cos he dun feel like driving. i wish he didn't say that. you guys could predict what i'm going to say next right?? i didn't know y i can be so careless. i drove his car many many times before but this time i damaged his car because of a stupid bomba pipe.. was doing a side parking and he helped me to watch the back. none of us realised there's a bomba pipe at the back. i'm so careless!! i should've noticed that stupid thing there before i do reverse parking... to make me feel worse, he's not angry. if only he scold me or something, i could feel a little better. why isn't he angry? his boot is dented!! i'm evil, cos at the same time i'm happy he thinks i'm more important than his car. he thinks that the car is only a material thing, i shouldn't be upset over things like that. how can i not be upset?? he trusted me with his car all this while, and suddenly i knocked his car against a bomba pipe! there goes the trust... although he said he'll still let me drive. *sobs*

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