Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5-weeks discoveries

interesting discovery: I realised i have not done something which i adored so much for more than a month!

I have NOT blogged for 5 weeks. *grin*

OTHER discoveries in the 5 weeks:

i have started class and have been going to classes more often than last semester ( i think ).

i learnt how to 'disconnect' myself from the world of chatting, onlining and downloading movies.

i'm actually quite fine doing nothing at home, sleeping when i want to and cleaning the room when i start worrying about being carried away by ants in my sleep.

did i mention i'm actually quite a good cleaner and a better cooker than i thought?
**Potential housewife in the making!**

i love living without my parents more than i wanted to. who said living away from home makes you home sick? not applied to me at least.

it's true that living with someone you love makes you love them lesser. (if they have bad habits or when you get to see their ugly side)

at the same time, you get to spend more time with the person you love. Because he's always right next to you at night looking like a mummified pig.

it's also easier to wake up to go classes because i have 2 handphone alarms (sometimes 3), an electronic alarm clock and one 5ft 5" alarm that tells you to rush up.

it's nice to have someone's door to knock onto when you're bored out of your wits..

(most) guys never show appreciation by washing the plates after you cook for them.

my housemate is so quiet, she barely makes noise. she walks around the house almost eerily silent. me and iris bangs the door louder than her. sleeps really early too. answer our multiple-words-sentence with less than 3 words.

i guess that's about it.

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