Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Live with him before you marry him

Is it true that guys change after being with them for a certain period of time?

i would strongly say yes... it's true and nothing can be more solid than this fact.
Or maybe it only happens to me. Usually i get to see their horrible intolerable side after 3 to 6 months. This time it's after a year. Or maybe because we start living together? Then again, maybe that's why magazines like to publish "live with him before you marry him" articles.

I'm born stupid and blur and will always be, I guess. BEcause i never know what i screwed up that made him so grumpy towards me. Sometimes i was thinking, maybe i didn't do anything wrong because he never wants to tell me what i did to upset him.

THe favourite reply was always "think about it yourself, if you can't remember nevermind". and HONESTLY.... i do not know and do not remember.

But then i'll try to think back, what i did earlier on that day -nothing.
And then i try to think about yesterday -nothing i can think of either.
and then i rewind my memory like a dusty old cassette until i can't remember anymore.
NOTHING (that i can think of).

Then i'll try the other way... did i repeat anything that was a big issue to us before this?
Finding: Nothing.

So i kept on asking what and why... the more i ask the more agitated he got. His face was as grumpy as an ogre. MORE grumpy than an ogre.

I don't know why but i had the urge to blog this. I felt like dying yesterday.

You know how stupid i got? I cried over dinner. Dinner that i'm supposed to enjoy because it's Tony Romas. The very innocent-cute looking waitress looked kinda shocked and i was pretending that i have flu; flu with watery eyes. I only felt stupid today. I was devastated yesterday.

After dinner, he was a different person. He bought me a jacket on the spot because we're supposed to go for movie and i didn't bring mine. I couldn't be angry after that because i know he cares about me.

I'll go crazy if it's going to be like this forever. Good-bad-good-bad-good-bad....


Anonymous said...

hei girl. You are like full with experience.Usually you get to see their horrible side?? Seems like you have alot of bad relationship. Do you ever think you might be the one that is horrible and make all the relationship got problems.

+sammy+ said...

well anonymous, thanx for the reminder. of course i have think bout tat before. that's why i'm full of experience.

for your knowledge (in future), no one is 100% satisfied with their partners for their whole life. even the best married couple in the world who seem lovey dovey and holding hands whenever they go have problems with one another.

the difference is, whether you can tolerate that slight incompatibility and do what people call 'give n take'.

the problem with me is i dwell on their bad side too much. there's only one relationship that i have not so much of problem with because his strength outweight all the weaknesses. i hv several criteria when looking for a bf. and there's also several things that i cannot tolerate eg. bad temper and insensitive.

therefore, i am frustrated when i find that characteristic in my bf. if ur gonna ask him, he has dissatisfaction towards me too. but if i still love that person, i will gulp down my frustration and just let it out on my blog. i believe i've tried to be the best gf i can, and my friends can be witness to that.

anyway, thanx for da comment. i hope my 'expert' advice will help you in understanding relationships!

CheRyL said...

owh well Anonymous, you don't even have a name..i think you are very sad that you choose random blogs to come and leave your sad comments..have you ever considered that maybe you are the horrible one in your life? sammy, i think you have a blog stalker! someone that thrives in your misfortunes!