Saturday, December 22, 2007

fUck 'Give & Take'

I ALWAYS thought that in a relationship, we're to give and take.

that's what everyone say isn' it? and it's supposed to be the ultimate guide to everlasting relationship. fuck that.

it doesn't happen if you're attached to someone who only wants to take but unwilling to give. FORCE him all you want but he will never give OR he'll just give all sort of reasons to tell you why he COULDN'T give.

the person i love just happened to forget what i've done for him in the earlier days when he had no job and we're just living on what i have.

NOW when i want to depend on him, all i got was a brutal kick from him telling me that it was my fault because i didn't wanna look for jobs or work for jobs that was difficult.

is that what men have become these days? is this what i deserve after many hardships?

IS THIS what i want, i should ask myself.

I'm telling everyone and anyone who's reading this. NO.

and this time i will not bow down and accept all this fucking rubbish that's happening to me, because i know i deserve better.

he wasn't even the type of person i wanted but i ignored it because i thought if we give n take, it'll be alright. hell with give n take.

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