Tuesday, December 04, 2007

salesgirls' discrimination

last week, i went to MidValley alone.

i have no companion but i was desperate... really itching to buy some clothes. so i went ahead.

i wore casual clothes that day and was in no mood for make up whatsoever.

so i walk from shop to shops... when i reach Miss Selfridge, i thought that's it la.... the salesgirls sure IGNORE me one. they usually do...

I probably look very poor.

this time, i took 3 dresses to the changing room. when i came out and said that i want one of it, she smiled.

THAT smile was the first time i saw her smile since i went in. Just because i am buying something worth almost RM200...

HOW i wish i am rich or filthy wealthy.... then i can LAncI all the salesgirls in boutiques that discriminate. like plaster them with money and stack piles of clothes on top of them to pack.

this world still says money is everything... isnt it.

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