Saturday, April 08, 2006

20th year agendas

my birthday has just passed by a few hours. no more TEENs. i can't say i'm nineteen anymore. i AM twenty. eWwww... *spit spit*

what an old hag i have become. i can virtually feel my skin loosing the elasticity and my boobs sagging while my bones start to ache.

muAHhah...ok, not that serious, but yes...i can feel the extra one year now. can't really avoid it anyway but think about the bright side, one more year and i'm an adult. means total freedom and err... no more panicking when going to places that require 21 years and above e.g. clubs and casinos. yAY!

on wednesday, i celebrated with my collegemates in Lecka-lecka, in front of Starhill KL. thanx and hugs and kisses from me to those who came and to those who got me the pretty dress. muAxxx.... thank you thank you. and that cake... Yummm, i know what you guys are up to. make me gain weight rite? hahah that's why you all made me bring back HALF of the cake!!

on thursday, my birthday eve. just spent the afternoon with my darling and erm... did nothing much. spent most of our time getting stuck in the jam. what a day! then had the 'countdown' thingy in Steven's Corner with jamie, carmen and the bfs. thankx guys..for the muffin. :) the boss was really sweet, he spent us makan some super big fried crab. uber sweet of him. have to admit the buttons on my short nearly flew out, and felt the additional unwanted fats spilling from the side of my shorts. ate damn alot that day. *buRP*

TODAY, my big day. spent the morning in class, afternoon with agony and night with fooD. it's not as perfect as i wanted today to be. but good enough. my afternoon was terrible, wasted a lot of time from some misunderstanding plus traffic jam in KL.

what the fuck is the people in government doing because i see hell lots of pot holes everywhere. now i wonder where the taxes went b'cos we're not getting anything good from government. look at the bloody roads and you'll know some rich politician buggers are laughing with golds spilling out from their mouth.

ANYway, at night we had seafood dinner in teluk gong, Klang. now a tips for some of you, go anywhere BUT the one called 'seafood restaurant teluk gong sdn. bhd.' it's da first restaurant when you turn into teluk gong. bloody banned that restaurant. the food sucKS like shit. i was never picky about food but i'm complaining, you do the thinking.

haha..and there was another cake from jamie, yan girl, kah mun and the rest. thanx girls... and er women. mmUAXxx! btw, i'm so sad...suet li never come *sobs*. plus a soft huggable doggy from edmund. plus kisses from my darling... i'm a happy 20-year-old hag.

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