Monday, April 03, 2006

totally smitten

i cannot believe what i just heard from him. all of a sudden, he said he has one good news and one bad news for me. the good news doesn't sound really good because it makes no difference to me, but the bad news.... sigh. no comments. he probably already had this on his mind few days ago. that explains why he was so nice and spoilt me alot since the past few days. even insists in seeing me almost everyday, it used to be my role when it comes to being the manja girlfriend.

well, it's all clear now. probably he felt bad for having to do that. i never blame him though, he should do that and he has no choice anyway. so... wat's going to happen is he's probably going back sabah for erm...3 weeks or so? starting from the week after my birthday. which means.... he won't be here for me during my study break and exam period. no one to de-stress me, no one to accompany me have kopi O's, no one to pamper me and make me go home everyday. no one to motivate me to study and concentrate. *sobs* plus... jamie got bf redi... won't have time to accompany me. *sobS* kah mun, my yam cha better be free. and of course...hor yan and the others too. 'layan' me!

i can recall what happened when he went to sabah fro CNY for 10 days...i was almost going crazy. this time, it's 3 weeks? i cannot imagine. damN. have to suffer through the exam period alone... this is what i call being lonely. well, it's ok i guess. i can take it... at least i have something to look forward to. he said that if all goes well, i can go take a flight to sabah and meet him after my final exam and he'll take me holiday there. *sobs* how i wish that is going to be true. it better be... he has to make up for this. HmmpHH!

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