Sunday, April 02, 2006

suFFEr now, enJoy lATer???

it's all because of that.... i have so much to say, but so little energy. let me summarise them:

  1. only two days of work with the F&N roadshow have passed. TWO DAYS ONLY. and i'm already lying down half dead at the end of the day. good thing i'm not going to work for it next week... but then i'll have to go the week after next. hell...all because of extra money. my bf just told me he saw a small patch of purple veins on my thighs. it's that serious alrite...i stand and walked that much. well, at least work was fun and the people there are so friendly. oh.. and funny!
  2. i swear i'm gonna spend a part of the money on holiday this semester break. i don't know how and where...i'm going HOLIDAY. and made my bf promised me he'll take me somewhere at least.
  3. my last assignment is on monday..i'm so happy.bloody happy actually...and i only have one more week of college before my final exam. after the exams, all hell break lose... i'm gonna do everything that i wanted to do but didn't have the time.
  4. i dropped another kilogramme again. that means i drop 2 kg in one month time. one kg was due to assignments... another kg was due to work. i didn't even need to diet. hahah... i should be happy rite?
  5. i haven't studied anything for finals. i'm so doomed and there's so many readings. plus lecturers from USM are all crap. last minute can change the exam format. morOn. from full objectives to 75%essay, 25% objectives. there's like 20 over chapters for marketing subject ok! shit..i have no time at all
  6. i love my boyfriend so much.. he's so sweeeT. beh-tahan... he's jsut too good to be true. slap me... tell me i'm dreaming. ok , don't. let me continue dreaming. hAHA.. he's still so nice and stuffs after 9 months.
  7. i've worked 10 hours today and i'm so tired. my legs are so pain i feel like chopping them off. so yeah... good night. oh and there's photos of me and kah mun in our very attractive uniform. ahhaha ..can u sense sarcasm?'s not too bad. way much better than Lipton's uniform.

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