Tuesday, April 11, 2006

single and N/A

finally, da day has come. not like i'm waiting for it, don't misunderstand. it's just that he really is not going to be with me for quite some time. back in his hometown, enjoying his peaceful life or bored to death; i do not know. though i wish he's bored to hell so that he'll not be able to stand it and return to KL a.s.a.p.

On the other hand, i wanted him to stay there for quite some time until my exam finished. this way, i can spend all my time on my friends [the books] and also go meet up with him there a month later. dilemma sial.

i finally started studying, isn't that great? it's already TUESDAY for goodness sake, and i've just STARTED. there goes my A flying away. i guess i've lost my chance in doing better...again. i only have another week before exam starts, minus 3 days cos i need to work.

ironic. i remember being so semangat in the beginning of this semester, telling myself that i'm going to do better this sem and to be more hardworking.

study, study, study; i told myself.
no BIG P [ProcrastinatiOn]; i warned myself.
Avoid last minute work; i reminded myself.
and now, it's all down the drain... washed away to the sea because i don't see them anymore.

hangat-hangat tahi ayam. THAT's mE alright.
posted up a few piCs....for funNn.

birtdAy dInneR in Klang.

from left: iris - sUmathi - leRoy - saMmy - diAn [notice the colors]

from left: sammy- sElina - reNa - chEryl - sOo chia

soo chia - stePhanie - saMMy wEndy

not to forget Yin LI and Foong.. (no pICs).

pressie [dress] from collegemates...

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