Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i've NOT changed. a little but it makes no significant difference. have not updated for a fe days because i look at my blog and i've decided to leave it alone. i have much more better things to do.... e.g. yam cha. HAHA. damn... supposed to be studying the past few days. the other way round happened, i yam cha more than ever in this week. EVERY day for the past few days... maybe a week?

i went to Steven's Corner. it's STEVEN's, STEVEN's... STEVEN's. might even have nightmare about it soon. carmen even claims that she's addicted witht heir food and can't live without it even for a night. serioUS...hmMph.. maybE there's druGS?

my first exam paper has just passed. thinking skills. bleaHh... it was all crap. i just want a pass. nothing more. i remember being lazier last sem, how come i think i'm gonna fail more this sem? maybe i'm just stupider...or the subjects are tougher.

i've piCked up smOking. i know, it's bad. i remember exclaiming loudly.. "damn smelly. i hate faggers". and now i fag... a light fagger at least. ironic, i still think the same... they ARE smelly. ewww... don't even wanna smell my fingers after smoking. yuCk yUck... hopefully my plan works. hopefully he will listen to me and cut down on smoking and gradually stoppEd. though, what he told me yesterday kinda make me disappointed. wait till he see me smoke..then he'll listen. it'll work..right??? even more ironic, i did this to make him stop...but then, there's many people out there trying to stop me. one threatened to 'hantam' me if he sees me smoking in front of him, one says he'll do 'god-knows-what' if i continue. i won't get addicted..

have trust in me.

mean while, i'm just using them as erm... anti-sleeping pill. ciggies work fine to keep a person awake and it's doing good for me now. doing wonders actually. better than any kopi-O. especially if i haven't study for a subject that's 2 days away...and also the subjects after that. sIGH.

i kinda miss him... ALOT ALOT. have not been seing him for a week and it feel's like a month. that day i was so sure i didn't see him for a month, but when i look at the date, i realise it's only 7 days. fuCking 7 days... ONLY. time flies like shit.

reminder again: i'll quit ciggie once i accomplished/fail my mission and after i not need it's help to stay awake... to those who plan on smoking, it really is smelly. especially your fingers. beware. but again, it does wonders! *grin*

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