Monday, December 11, 2006

depression syndrome at home

my holidays has almost ended. just one more week.


All the non-productive things of course! sigh.... rot around, sit at home to watch dvd and other crap shows. wth, this is so boring. know what? i really miss those days i went PD. the chalet was beautiful and cosy enough, and i get to watch sunset every single day from the chalet. if only i don't need to study and make a living, i will just stay there for a month and forget everything else. heaven!

i know it's bit early for day-dreaming.. it's so bored at home i don't know what else to do man. somebody get a knife and stab me! arGGHHhHhhhh.....

i can't stand it... i can't stay at home anymore. whenever i sit in my room, i'll see the candle that he bought me and the message on it. the message that gave me hope in the beginning but when i rely heavily on it, he didn't keep his promise. anyway, non of this is his fault. it all started from me and i hurt not only one but 2 guys.

then, there's this other guy who went through alot so that we can be together. but unfortunately, we were not compatible, and we have different views on evrything important. he don't understand my actions and i don't understand his. friction causes fire and fire causes injury. i wonder why are we still holding on. that makes sense alrite...

damn... i should get my arse out of the house or i'll really go nuts.

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CheRyL said...

well..i love u..if it helps.. :)