Thursday, December 07, 2006

everything has changed...

i've not been coming online for the past few months..
and many many things have changed, i can say it's almost every aspect of my life.
but since i couldn't online, i couldn't update the blog...
one thing's for sure, i didn't change my degree course.
but other than that....

i've made many mistakes and i lost the man whom i loved so much.

also realise that i am not so bubbly and cheerful anymore after facing so much of problems.

i'm so prone to crying, i think i'm a better cry baby than jamie cos i can cry almost anytime (just trigger me).

i sleep very late, bout 4 a.m. everyday and wake up in the afternoon.

i have no mood to go to shopping complexes... which means i seldom shop already.

i travel alot around malaysia in one month's time...which includes langkawi, port dickson, melaka, and the most recent: penang.

i no more haver curly hair but rebonded hair.

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