Wednesday, December 13, 2006

double C: Curious / Crazy

is it me that has high level of curiosity or am i just crazy?

guess what the hell i did! i always wondered how is my ex-bf's gf like. i was so curious to know until i went and surf around the friendster just in case she has one. so i started searching through his friend's list of friends because i know that they will add since it's their buddy's girlfriend. and guess what? after half an hour...i found it. and guess what?

i just realise that there's no reason for me to do that. she's an ordinary girl after all. fine, maybe she's cuter and prettier than me. but he's not mine anymore so it doesn't make any difference whether she's better or worse than me. he's hers and not my business.

anyway... i bookmarked her friendster website because i constantly reads her blog.

tell me, is that crazy or i'm just curious?


CheRyL said...

cuter and prettier than u?? u consider baby pigs cute..? cute in an ugly but adorable way..!!
earth to sammy..! the only reason i'd say ur crazy is for thinking she's cuter than u..!
hw can u ever read her blogs with that bad english??

CheRyL said...

i juz wrote somethin abt baby pigs and its gone

Anonymous said...

Ya right..You think you are so pretty or sexy in other way????? What a cheapskate to bookmark people's friendster and blog! This action shows that you are such a BITCH!

Anonymous said...

And you cheryl. No brain BITCH. Worst than anything. You think you are so good? Good english doesn't mean you will be pretty or...??Well, i can't find the worst word to describe you. Just see how ugly you are as in human behavior. English people does not behave like you do. USE YOUR BLOODY BRAIN. Anyway, i don't think you have one. So sorry to hear that.

+sammy+ said...

I am glad someone bothered to go through my blog so detailed, evenmore a super outdated posts. However i know that my blog is only read by my friends. It's either you're really a stranger or ur one of her friends.

Firstly anonymous, i know i'm not pretty nor sexy. I didn't say I am.

Secondly, i don't bookmark any of her sites anymore. she's not worth it, i'm over it and i don't think u shud be worried bout me.

Third, I AM A BIATCH. no surprise to that... i'm not offended by those words anymore. i call myself one.

Forth, Cheryl has more brains that u think. If she doesn't, i doubt u have one also. She didn't tell you that she has no brains also, so u need not say "so sorry to hear that"

fifth, me and Cheryl are both Asian. We are NOT English people. that's why we don't behave like them.

Now that i explained ur doubts and questions, i would also like to thank you for contributing to my hits.