Wednesday, June 04, 2008

THE 3rd day

I have nothing to do now because I'm waiting for someone to send me the attachments.

Therefore, i blog! What else.... ?

Oh... I haven't update about my new job.

Working here was nice and all, i can actually see career opportunities. The people are friendly and I actually see familiar people here. So it's not too bad to adjust to this new environment.

And then I already get to attend big brainstorming meetings with the upper level guys and also attend a meeting with the client today.

Know what other thing i like? They have a nice smoking area, warm but nice. Oh oh... they pay for my season parking. Haha saved me another RM100 a mth! The working place is so near my house, I also save on petrol and get to sleep later!

The downside? I have to work late most of the time. Yesterday was only my 2nd day and i already stayed in the office until 10.30 pm. That's one whole cycle of the clock I see.

And I'm starting to get heaps of work..

Well, i asked for it actually. I was asking around if there was anything for me to do on the 1st day cos I was too bored of sitting around.

*tap fingers*

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