Monday, June 02, 2008

KM's back!

Since Kah Mun landed in Malaysia a few days ago, we have been going out everyday/night.

First we played mahjong with her.

The next day, we go to Gardens and walk around since she has not seen the new shopping complex before.

That night itself, we went to meet the rest: Suet Li, Lauren, Sophia, Calvin, Jason, Jamie, and Soon Jin to have dinner in Chef & Brew in Hartamas and drink at Somo, Mont Kiara.

The day after that we yam cha in Steven's Corner.

Today, me, Kah Mun and Hor Yan ate our first meal at 5pm in Old Town and then meet up with Jamie in my house for mahjong.

At night, we had dinner in the coffee shop nearby and ordered lobak, fried lala, grilled fish, chicken wings, and 3 bowls of noodle. Yeap, just 4 of us girls eating all that.

I'm telling you, these few days were so happening. But it's all gonna end. *sobs*

I'm starting work tomorrow. No. It's today. I haven't sleep cos i'm so used to sleeping at 5am everyday for 2 months, i really have no idea how to sleep at 1am.

So nervous....first day of work. sigh. I hope there's no weird colleagues or even worse pyscho mean ones. I hope.

*crosses fingers*

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