Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stupidity handles the money

As everyone know, petrol price has been increased to RM2.70 per litre and diesel RM2.58 per litre. Every aunty, uncle, woman, man, children also talking about this. I bet it's gonna be the talk of the morning market as well where the aunties complaining vegetable price gone up.

Expected lar hor? The whole scenario where the roads that have petrol stations along the way are jammed. This time it's worse cos the price was much higher... I stayed on in the office and waited and did some of my things until 8.30pm, I can't take it anymore and join the crowd to jam home.

No. I did NOT pump petrol. It's crazy...

You know what? I don't care if the stupid government detect my website and decide to send me to ISA or whatsoever. I bet there's a lot of people blogging about this already. The first thing I do when i come to the office is to check the online news.

It's all about the petrol price, hike in electricity price, food price...etc etc. And the government kept on giving stupid reasons to defend their stupidity.

Firstly, we have our supply of petrol right in our country. But they wanna earn more money, claims that the petrol our country produced are of higher quality. Yada Yada, then import petrol for the citizens and say that they lose billions each year for petrol subsidation. What the?

*bangs head*

Next, they say that even after the price's increased, it's still lower than in Thailand and Singapore. That is a farking stupid thing to say. They converted the rate of Sing dollar and it's RM5.20 per litre in Singapore. But they forgot the people there get paid in SD also, like at least 2k for most jobs. So it's RM5k here... DO we fresh grads get 5k here? By rich FAMAs got la.
(FAMA means sponsored by Father Mother)

Isn't it the same thing? You count according the money you earn in the same curreny. Not comparing with other currencies also. DUMB ARSES.

Kay...Fine. I complained enough already. Well, we know where the money goes to la at the end of the day.

Enough said.

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