Monday, September 29, 2008

Beach-ing without sea water

I was just back from a trip to PD with a fwe of my colleagues and alot of them are my colleagues' ex-colleagues. Confusing?

20 of us altogether celebrated 2 person's birthday there. Let me tell you, it was such a big group that I don't remember half their names. I had to say 'Sorry, your name is?' twice to the same person.

One of them were from Seremban and they brought us to this place. It's like a house with huge garden made into a restaurant/ coffee shop look.

They have special food like:
  • Fish (with several types of sauce, fishball and lady finger)
  • Stuffed-meat Crab (they cook the crabmeat with some other stuff and egg before stuffing it back into the shell)
  • Otak otak (which is very original and really has fish pieces in it)
  • Sotong (looks grilled, with tinge of lemon)

It's just too bad I don't have a camera with me that time. Or else i'll snap all the delicious food.

To go there, you've to go to PD Town area. When you see Agro Bank on your right, turn left then go further down before turning right. I can't remember which junction but it's quite near after the Agro Bank. It's situated in a housing area. But be warned, it took an hour to get our food.

Will post some pics from my friend's camera once I got them!

I was at the beach but I stayed away from the sea water. It's still damn dirty and murky, I don't know how the people can swim face down in it. Uggghh..

And guess what? I'm going back to the same hotel on Wednesday because my bf and friends decided to BBQ there. Maybe this time I'll take some food pics. Haha..

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amoker said...

Hah. I am working in PD. On somedays, the water looked awefully beautiful. no kidding. Come over la, will bring u & entourage to the the super best roti bakar. kekek.