Monday, September 08, 2008

Yam Cha Frenzy

Last weekend was actually nice...though I'm supposed to be all emo about it.

I think my friends healed the emo-ness. Hahha nevertheless, divert my attention away from all the rotten issues. Thank you Jamie & Hor Yan!

On Fri night, we were to go out and dwell on my issues. So we did.. 30% of the time. The rest of the 70% we talked about everything and anything. I couldn't remember what we talked bout..hmmph

So, we thought of going club or something since HY's supposed to go after yam cha. We ended up buying 2 bottles of beer and playing 1cent-mahjong game in my place.

The next day, we thought everyone's busy with their own things. Mana tahu, I came online and saw HY. We both asked each another to yamcha at the same time! Guess where we went after that?

Old Town White Coffee, Sunway Mentari.

Our mission is to go to every Old Town in Klang Valley, we almost succeeded, really...

Jamie joined us a bit later since she was in Pyramid. We sat there from 10pm to 2am.... FOUR friggin hours. Our topics range from hairstyles, clothes, friends, diet, ex-bfs, primary school, secondary school, and yada yada....

We're so engrossed with our topics that we didn't realise time passed by so fast. We didn't even care when we saw Reshmonu and Jaclyn Victor came to yam cha in Old Town. One of their guy friend is very da cute though :)

So, yesterday we went out again. Supposed had plans but it was a failure so we ended up accompanying Jamie to look for houses (work purposes). We drove around and around Serdang like nut heads and we stopped by to ask for directions to more than 10 people.
It's nuts... but Fun.

OOOh...and we had our nice dessert dinner at night :)

It's not stopping till today cos I'll be seeing them again tonight. *grins*

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