Wednesday, September 03, 2008

USM's hassle-full Convocation

I attended my graduation last 2 weeks, 17th August. I know… this post is in fact quite outdated. I had no time to blog anymore!

So… graduation wasn’t that fun. Memorable yes, but no fun at all. I’m in debt because of the hotel stays, petrol, toll and food I’ve to spent on during the trip. I had almost cleared all my debts and now I have more haunting me.

USM wasn’t helping. In fact, I think they purposely created hassle and problems for us who stay in KL so that we’ll remember them (and the graduation) forever. Why couldn’t they let us take our robes 2 days before convocation, together with the rehearsal? I’ve to purposely book a flight there and return on the same day just to get the purple robe.

Then 2 days before convo, I’m supposed to be there again to attend the stupid rehearsal. That made me stay in the hotel for 3 nights..which means more money involved. And I can’t leave on that Sunday since we’re supposed to go USM again on Monday to get our cert and return the robes. One occasion but soooo many procedures and hassle.

Oh wait… I forgot to upload the convo pics from my camera. Pics coming soon…

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