Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bee stung my pup!

I super extremely seriously think I over-manja my pup.

Shall not do that so often because he bullies me and not Edmund. So unfair, when I'm the one bathing him and cleaning up his shit!

Oh wait... forgot to tell you guys, my pup Bailey got stung by a bee on Sunday because he was playing with the bee!

I dunno wtf the bee was doing roaming on the floor, Bailey saw it and thought it was cute, so he chased and pat the bee with his paw... and that's when it stung him. So sad I didn't see what happened, my bro told me (and yes, he let him played with it)..

I only saw him hiding under the bed and licking his paws. When i called out for him, he sit up with one paw up. Imagine the very very sad eyes and one hand folded up shaking. *sobs* So i checked and saw a very terrifying looking sting stuck to his paw.

I've never been stung by a bee in my entire life and my pup won the rare prize. I bet he'll be terrified of bees the next time. HAH~

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