Monday, May 18, 2009

I judge by da cover, so what?

You know how sometimes ppl say don't 'judge a book by its cover' because we could be deceived by it?

The blunt truth is, even the person who believe it like a life-saving-guide does it unconsciously. hypocrite? not really, at least they tried.

I am one of the majority that does it consciously and willingly, but not to the extreme.


I'm telling you, judging something/someone by its cover is the most useful tool in making fast decisions. Eventually, everyone does that when they need to decide and don't have many light years ahead to evaluate or let the devil/angel in them battle to the end.

so what if we made the wrong decision in the end? at least we learn more tips in doing that again next time!

Someone I used to know always say, 'The dressing doesn't matter because it's what you are that counts.'

I didn't agree. The first impression is of utmost importance. What they see in the real you is more of a support.

Conclusion? I think I win hands down if we're to debate.

note: this entry came about just because me and iris were hunting for books by looking at iys cover, at a book sale. LOL!


IrIs said...

I'm so glad we didn't buy the "salmon fishing in the yemen" LOL

IrIs said...

and first impression counts because no one is going to have a proper conversation with someone who's ugly, smelly, and have a huge puss oozing pimple:P