Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm a Standout in life.

I am different from others. Everyone stand out in their own unique way.


I'm the girl who used to blog about normal personal stuff involving relationships and daily updates, 4 years ago. I wrote in simple manner, very 'cincai' indeed. Not to mention, less sarcasm too.

Today, I'm Sammy, the one who blogs with a pinch of sarcasm because of the cruel reality in blogosphere.

My irrational entry regarding a race, several months ago, has contributed to my life-building experiences. I was not fully aware, nor exposed to the great power of internet until that incident. From what I was aware of, the audience of this blog were mostly my own friends. One stranger tripped over this blog, and news about me spread like wildfire.

Headlines of many blogs and Malaysiakini has my name along with the words 'racist blogger'. That instance, the traffic on my blog was massive, easily a giant as compared to the KL jams during peak hour.

Initially, I was angry at how things were taken out of context. Then I realised, it was the words I used and how I wrote it. The whole phone-stolen incident has brought so much anger, it killed my knowledge of international relations and sanity when I blog about it.

Wildfire keeps spreading and burning, comments and chatbox continuously being spammed with vulgarities; I was that near to going crazy. But, we're always told, 'All problems have solutions'. They're actually right!

I talked to everyone that's involved, publish a public apology and deal with the aftermath. The whole furore cease very slowly.

I am sorry for the mistake.
I solved the problem with as much dignity I could.
I was showed that the racial unity in Malaysia is still not strong enough.

I didn't stand out for my ability to create publicity overnight..
I didn't stand out because I was vulgar and ignorant.

I stand out because I have the courage and dignity to face any dilemma and solve it.
For me, it's about standing up to face the consequences, and going through it alive.

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