Thursday, May 28, 2009

Optimism not in favour

I have the time, the energy and in super-boring mood.

Then I happen to have a laptop and internet connection, faithfully serving me at the moment. (Well, maybe not the connection, it's Streamyx, go figure it out.)

And since I'm already living the life of a handicapped at the moment, might as well blog about the things I do to fill up my past time.

Correction, I am actually not that 'handicapped'. I could walk and drive now, although my walking style reflects my grandma's. But i said i am handicapped because they are people who limit me from doing certain things and going certain places.

The reason? I am a recovering patient and I should look like one. Or else, people would think I'm lying. HARH!

Hmmm, some of these people are classified as pessimist. Excuse them.

Imagine this:

"You're a doctor treating a patient that has cancer. Would you rather see him looking pale, tired and staying home most the time (because he IS a sick patient); or would you rather see him live his life happily & optimistic, being out there as if cancer is only secondary?"

Oh, haha!
Looks like optimistic-jolly-active recovering patients are not so welcomed after all.
Better watch how you behave when you're sick next time.

1 comment:

IrIs said...

eh i support u okay! going out lots of places and laughing our asses off.

just don't strain it too much.