Thursday, May 28, 2009

Retail Therapy for the bored.

With all the time I have, I revamped my blog.

Well, no major changes like template and such, but minor ones. At least the discriminating and vulgar comments in my chatbox is not there anymore. Looks much 'cleaner' now.

Here's a story of how I spent my day today.
Be warned, it's a typical girl's blog post. Clothes, shoes and what not.

Went to La Bodega, Bangsar to have lunch: Sandwich and coffee.
Tapao from Starbucks: Caramel hot chocolate.

Went to a few boutiques for retail therapy. This therapy is able to numb the pain of the wound for a while; until you go to the counter to pay at least.

Got all these stuff, including the ones I bought form Bangsar 2 days ago:

The stylo picket-fence shoe that I probably will never wear (Baci boutique)

Loose chiffon dress (Baci boutique)

Polkadot wedges (Da Choice boutique)

Gold bangle (Cat's whiskers boutique)

Pink & gold earring (Baci boutique)

Red and yellow top from Cat's Whiskers. Not featured in photo.

Btw, Cats Whiskers has sale of up to 70%.

I probably won't be shopping anymore for another 3 months, after this month.

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