Monday, September 26, 2005

it's a new week again

one week had come and go... it's monday again!! oh no.. supposed to have a 8 a.m. class, which means a few hours later. and i'm not asleep. teEe hee... as usual lar. sam mun what! well, the week that has just passed has been great... which means i wasn't in any trouble with any sorts of depressing moments. good enoUgh. love my life.. mUAX!!

i went clubbing yesterday... and i came back.. sober!! muAhaha.. clap clap for me. actually that's just because i reached there late, at 1.30 a.m. ngek ngeks... a girl dropped drunk cos she reached before 12 am. i'm so smart!! wakakak...actually *again* it wasn't because of my cunning plan to reach late. it's cos my darling had things to do, so he couldnt reach any earlier. but what the entertain myself, i made full use of his phone. to cam-whore :p i'm fuLL of craps.

i don't know what else to do in my room. no one was online to chat with me and i was damn bored... sigh. forgive me. i just take n take n take pics.. that's the use of camera phones rite?? the stupid thing is i keep on taking pics with the same type of pose. hahah boring n not creative at all. as you can see, they look almost the same. argh, screw it.

i was sober yesterday, true. but i betrayed myself by saying crap stuff to my bf. i actually told him, "it's going to be our 3 month anni in 10 days time. if you don't love me, dump me before it's 3 months we're together" arGHh... i'm so stupid. *knocks head* he must be thinking what kind of idiot i am. if you're a guy, what would u think?? hMmmm...

happy news: i worked for month already! this is the last weekend... i can submit my punchcard tomorrow. and punchcard=pay!! i'm still saving for my handphone.. *soBs*

another happy news: darling's off-day tomorrow! we can go movie and dinner and spend my whole day with him; after college of course. yiPpee

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