Saturday, September 24, 2005

mission accomplished

finally... after so many plans and empty promises. we all went LUNA BAR!!! it took us many weeks to finally get together and stuffs like that. hhaha without boyfriends!! they're not included this time. and yeS.. that place was great with nice interior designs n beautiful surroundings where we can actually see the whole of KL right on top of pan global building at 34th floor! the stupid thing get to 34th floor was like a maze...! have to go thru corridors, 2lifts and staircases. sadly, it was raining today. the 'open air' part was wet and stuff. but luckily, it stopped after we reached a while. it was so difficult to get nice seats there.. bear in mind: go early! oH..and most of the people who hang out there are working people.. soBs... old man:p means not many young cute hunky guys.

five of us; me, kammy, jamie, suetli & horyan were going nuts in there because we took pictures non-stop. this jamiE lar..aiyo. she brought a digital camera..and we couldn't stop snapping away. many times we have to get the waitress/waiter's help. hahah and there was this very weird waiter who loves to take photos for us. he actually volunteered.. and insisted although we don't need him. not that we dun want to trouble him; it's just that he takes lousy photos! he always takes the picture at a far range, and we'll look tiny in that photo with huge amount of space around us. weird fellow...we took photos with the drinks, with the 'flower pot', with the swimming pool as background, in the toilet, in the lift with mirrors, in the car while driving, of the kl scenery...

well, we had our fun today. one of the rare times where 5 of us can get together... i wonder when's our next gathering, huh girls?? it seems that our PD plan also died off... which has been happening since form 4. we always plan and tak jadi one..

next, kammy drop me at jalan brunei to yamcha with my darling and his group of friends.'s so fun today! hMmMm... when should i start studying for management test nxt week? not today and definitely not tomoro, it's saturday night tomoro!! yippEee..

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