Tuesday, September 20, 2005

makes me wonder

there's one thing that made me wonder everytime...
why would anyone wants to plunge into the same shit again?
when we know it has a big probability of failing us

then again, of course there's nice things in between
sweet and breath-taking things..
memorable and cherishable moments...
if it weren't bcos of these things,
why would we tend to fall into the same pit hole

every single time i feel grateful to have him;
every chance that i have to feel darn happy,
i get this weird feelings in my guts
that history might repeat again
then i've picked the wrong person
again.. sigh

it's probably me being paranoid
it should be...i guess
but it's past experiences that tells me
as the time passes,
people change
and they might not be the person u first knew

he just seems too good to be true;
to have everything i wanted in a guy
well, almost all...
but he was one of the best i've found
he just melt my heart
with every single thing he did,
big or small or nothing at all..

i never believe i have the luck
to have such a nice person with me
makes me feel that i'm dreaming..
i get worried everytime i feel happy
it might be another trick
a devil in disguise

i know i shouldn't put too much hope
in this whole relationship
but damn it...i can't help it
i'm just hopelessly in love.

just hope it's not another stupid pit hole..

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