Saturday, January 14, 2006

back and forth

today i've spent most of my time going back and forth between few places. i'm so damn sleep now but there's something i wanna blog down. it's seriously tiring today. i have classes from 10 to 1 pm. after that, went and have lunch with kah mun till 4 p.m. then drove to the Curve to see how's darling doing. and at 6, rushed over to damansara intan for some job interview. have dinner with him in ss2 and walked around the Curve after that. hang out till it was 9... next was to yam cha in ss2 with jamie, hor yan and suet li. finally, drive my car home and darling fetched me to aym cha with his friends till 1 a.m. i'm dead by now..almost.

look at this flow chart for my journey today.

HOME---> college (PJ)---> OUG ---> Curve ---> damansara intan ---> ss2 ---> Curve ---> ss2 ---> home ----> KL (jln brunei) ---> home...

i'm seriously almost dead by now. damn... anyway. the reason i wanted to blog is... something upset me during the yam cha session in KL with his friends. we were chatting away and he told them that he might be transferred to sabah for the new branch. then one of them said "oh no, sam (that's me) will be very cham lor". i got sad. then as they discuss further...they asked him bout his car and everything he has here... my bf jokingly asked who wanna buy over his car. then another guy said "then ur gf ler? wat bout her?" i got even sadder. my bf said that he wants to bring me to sabah as well. this girl then said "she study here one wor, how is it possible?. i got super duper sad. some of you might not get what i meant accurately. my point was not to blame his friends for saying things that upset me. actually, it weren't really them. i'm upset because of the fact that they're right. what about me? everything that they said were all the things that i'm worried about when i found out bout this. i was upset at the FACT.

why is it that everytime i date a's either he's not suitable for me OR he's really super duper nice and suitable BUT he's not going to stay in KL for long. it has happened once....he was really nice and really compatible but he's jsut too far. it's difficult. And now it's happening AGAIN.


simply me, Jason said...

well... not to be so direct forward but.. shit happens. live with it... life aint fair anyway.

+sammy+ said...

haha.wat else can i say?