Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday, January 02, 2006

feeling older...

it's finally 2006. it's not like i'm waiting for the new year to come but it meant a whole new year for me. maybe not a new beginning but everything's gonna have slight changes in it rite? and don't ask me bout my new year resolutions because as you've already known, they are cursed. which won't happen. so i rather not risk my new year hopes and just shut my mouth about it.

ooh...but i do hope that this year i'll get thinner...3 kgs will do. erm, maybe a little bit richer will do, like getting a higher-pay part time job? philips suCKs... they dun give double-pay on xmas and new year. also invest more on my skin.. i want a flawless face. i know it's contradicting cos i ought to have more wrinkles since i'm getting older but... that's achieveable with expensive skincare products, isn't it? which then leads to the "richer" hope for this year. wouldn't mind if i have better luck this year... will want to be more hardworking (hopefully). MUST raise my GPA score to a minimum of 3.67 the coming sem. also...i want my relationship with him to stay 'fairytale'.

arghh....i'm 20 already. OLD. although not officially 20 cos it's not my b'day yet...but by counting the year... it's 20! goodness gracious... i really feel old. hopefully, it's a great beautiful year ahead of me. one thing which i really want to avoid this year is break-up. it seems to happen to me every year. so..i'll cross my fingers and hope for the best. of course, i'll do my best in this relationship cos he's worth it. and make more friends! but not forgetting my old friends...let's stick together this year no matter where u all go. i know some you are leaving to further studies sometime this year. gonna miss them...

ya know what? i'm bloody crappy. bout my new year celebration.. woke up to prepare myelf to work. yes...WORK. bf supposed to fetch me, so have to accompany him to pandan indah and collect stock.. by the time i reach ioi mall, it's time for me to leave. had salon appointment with jamie.. we did curls on our hair just for the new year celebration. had dinner in marche with jamie, kahmun n bf, suet li and hor yan. rushed back to ioi mall to meet darling before clock strikes 12. then go to his friends house for some pressie exchange ceremony. and slept till 2 pm the next day! hahaha... yups.. and then go work.

i'm upset, darling is going to transfer to lowyat plaza for work. which means i won't have him to accompany me during work on weekends... damn, i'm gonna try to get myself transferred there too. i'm so sick and tired of ioi mall...the same ppl, same place for 8 months! and i can't go look for him after college so often anymore...KL is so far from my coll. *sobs* i'm gonna miss seeing him...

da pic we taken in senQ when it's just after 12 a.m. poor thing, he had to work till late that night... i know he doesn't like me to put his pic up online, but...sigh. this is the only pic i've put up anyway. and below is my hairstyle for new year :P *tee hee*

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