Monday, January 02, 2006

major moments of 2005

i can say that the first half of my year was a waste of time.
wanted to start college early but the intake's in july...
everyday is a boring day back then.
so i worked with this sales company from jan till march..
it was a sinful thing to do, but i won't tell why.
but it's not killing anyone..chill....
not to mention, i earned lots of money from that job.
bought my k700i with the money,just to be stolen in may.
damn that theft to hell!
half year passed and i still haven't buy my own hp..
bcos i kept on using the money i 'saved' to shop
over that few months, i admit spending alot on unnecessary things.
but i'm just a plain typical girl, at least i paid for my own shopping.
always struggling with financial problems..
which i ALWAYS managed to pull through with ease.
met many new friends in that company..including my buddy jason.
who are now like a 'ji mui' to me because of our similar personality.
in may, got a new part time job as philips promoter in IOI mall.
so i spent my weekdays loittering and going out and my weekends working.
there too, i met many new friends..funny and entertaining
all who i were close to had left by now, except for one.
that is going to leave too.. in a few days time.
the first 6 months, there was a guy who spent time with me.
until july..things just didn't work out for us.
i'm so sorry i had to end it, it was obvious we're not matched
whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter now, does it?
i was glad i didn't regret on my decision to do so
although it was wrong for me to have another r/ship almost instantly.
it was with a guy i worked with in ioi mall,
that i realise existed only after 2 months there.
i can't remember why i got together with him..
probably as a bounceback-support after a breakup,
or maybe i did fell in love with him
but i was very sure he made me happy and was very caring
these 2 points never made me question him or myself further..
i'm definitely in love head over heels with him now
after gettin to know him better.
then my college started. doing my first sem in mass communication
this is the 2nd decision i was proud of in 2005.
no matter how much i loved science, the job prospect just isn't right for me.
i need a job that's going to make me feel 'alive' in future..
i knew the course was right for me once i started,
loved almost all the subjects, got to know variation of friends..
was famous in college for going into classes late.
what a bad reputation eh?
i regret cos i didn't put much effort into any of the exams
and even for my finals, i took them lightly.
almost everyday i look for my bf after classes.. cos i missed him
and he was good in making me miss him...
then there's my finals in november
and going penang for holiday with my girlfrens in dec..
my end year holidays were filled with yam cha sessions
and meeting old friends who were busy with college before that.
i lived like this for the 2nd half of 2005.


my love life:
it's still unbearable to go through3 days straight without seeing him
still deeply in love with him and r.ship remains strong
with a few misunderstanding and resentments..
we are still close as ever, never distant
it's already half year, but we never had major arguments.

my studies:
i obtained 2B's and 2A's and one D for my last sem..
i know it's my fault for these bad grades
next sem starting in 2 days time,i will do better
and i'm still very much in love with mass comm.
except the exams and assignemnts!

my frienships:
nothing major happened between me n my friends,
other than meeting new people,
i never lost any friends...
but i'm going to miss those who are going overseas this year

my financial:
it's quite stable right now...
with a few debts here n there for phone bills.
i collected a few hundreds already to get my new hp next week
with the help of my bf :p

my life:
overall, it's quite good..
i gained more freedom last year
my parents are not so strict anymore
and i can be more honest with them bout my whereabouts.
i've also become more emotional,
can cry easily over something small.


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