Sunday, January 22, 2006

a 'smiling heart'

memoirs of geisha is a great movie. watched it a few days ago. bonus point for it cos it has a happy ending. *grins*

few nights back also, had dinner in klang (teluk gong). was served seafood!! went there with boyfriend and his colleagues.. some of them happened to be my colleagues as well.

friday, went midvalley after class to go 'pressie-hunting' for boyfriend's bday. it was a useless search because it can't be too typical and it must be something that he likes/useful. end up buying nothing since there's so many criterias. guys, if u have any me. post it up in the tagboard. i'm desperate.

met up with jason aw in midvalley as well. met someone interesting as well. to him, not me. if u get what i mean... anyway, we walked around, ate mcDonalds and waste some time in MPH. doing what? reading astrological/ horoscope books for year 2006. it was my idea.

it says that financially i'll be fine this year but i'll have to learn to save to avoid debts and so on. i think it's more of a bad news to me. i was hoping that it'll say "fortune and money is coming your way this year, no matter how you try to spend it away, it sticks with you." bAahhh...

then the horoscope match. the 3 most compatible sign with me this year is... aquarius.. aquarius and aquarius. OOPs. i'm sorry... it's aquarius and 2 other signs but i didn't bother to remember because knowing that aquarius is one of the 3 is already enough. call me superstitious....what ever. but it does help in calming my inner-self. u get what i mean?

i was even crazy enough to take pictures of some of the pages which predict which days are good/bad for every month in 2006 using my handphone. i shall post it up soon.*tee hee*

i'm just back from redbox in sg wang. sang and laughed...and i think i'm getting stomach ache. shyts.. it's 5 a.m. excuse me. sammy wanna nap for a while before getting screwed by dad early in the morning.


JT Slade said...

Hey old friend :)

I really like the movie also.

Let's catch one sometime :)

JT Slade said...

Capricorn can ar?

+sammy+ said...

capricorn? dun think so la. let me check the book again. hahah!