Tuesday, January 10, 2006

time's precious

college had started for a week already. the lecturers are ok (most of them). the subjects are boring. the timetable is weird and not balance. i have 6 subj..

  • introduction to political science is really boring... and it's really political
  • communication theory & research (CTR1) is mainly hardcore facts.
  • communication for social and development is very much like CTR1, with the same lecturer...it's super confusing.
  • marketing is erm..not bad. sound easy but lotsa facts. the lecturer...she's cute.
  • thinking skills? there's no class for it yet
  • bahasa malaysia...one word: SUX

remember i said my bf got transferred to Kl to work already? well, not much changes actually. just that i don't see him so often in the afternoon. during my last semester, i used to look for him in puchong after my class a few days a week because it's so near... but then now that it's so much further and due to the crazy jams in KL, i didn't go look for him. at first i thought it will be really hard, to adapt to it (seeing him less) and all.... i was partially wrong. it isn't that bad.. things were better than i expected. EXCEPT FOR WEEKENDS. last time, i get to eat with him and kacau him in work when i was working part time every sat n sun.

last week was hell for me, it's so boring in work! and honetly telling you, the working environment there is not really good. all those people there are busy body, they gossip alot and they stab one another from the back. i don't do that, mind you. i just keep my antenna high up to receive those juicy gossips but i don't transmit those news. even if i dun want to hear them, they will make sure i hear it. damN. but at least i get to hear some gossips to kill the boredom. human's nature!~ those people are getting most of their wages from commision. can't blame them. they fight for sales... verbally and emotionally. it's hectic. and i get the privillege of lying back and enjoy the drama *grins*

well, anyway...my point is. working is boring because i don't really wanna get in between those dramatic people but my bf is not around to accompany me anymore. that's why i rather not go out to eat... sigh. at least he makes it up for me... he makes sure his off-days are 100% for me and he asks me out for dinner after his work at 9pm sometimes. so that i get to see him, and so that i won't complain. ahhaha... but that's why it's more 'precious' to see him now. i only get to see him for 2 hours a few days once, and that 2 hours becomes really precious. then we wont get bored of seeing one another. right right?? argh..whatever. i killed half an hour by blogging.

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