Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hectic monday

it's like any other mondays... except i'm busier today. woke up to eat lunch... yes, it's lunch. i wake up at 1 pm. washed the plates, take a quick bath and go look for my bf. watched some vcd's together and then rushed home again to fetch my mum to see doctor in cheras. yam cha with jason for an hour in the evening after droping my mum home.. then meet my bf again after that (it's his off day). we went midvalley to shop in jusco and carrefour for 2 hours!! bought chocs, canned food, cooking materials and etc... we look like some old aunty & uncle. plus, he carried a basket instead of getting a trolley. muahahaz. then catch a movie 'cheaper by the dozen 2' at 10 pm. i still think the first one was nicer.. nevertheless, this movie was funny. it made my bf laughed a lot of times at least! that....was rare. then had our dinner in sri petaling at 12.30 a.m. i think it's called supper redi eh?

you know what? i really don't know what else to crap about in here. the main reason i blog almost everyday is because i'm so free at night. a ritual i have to get rid off before college starts. my timetable is out..3 days starts at 8 a.m. and a day at 9 a.m. how can i afford to lose sleep with tat kind of timetable? so sammy, be strict with urself. sleep early!!! Yeah, how i wish it's that easy.

tomorrow afternoon i'll be going to Philips to hand in my punch card. AND ask bout transferring me to some other place. i really am bored of ioi mall already. besides, my bf is not there anymore. no motivation to go work anymore. going work'll be as dreadful as last time. DAMN. "oh god...i pray to you. please help me. please tell me that they have vacancy in low yat plaza's SENQ. i wanna transfer there. please please??!!" *cross my fingers* everyone..plz wish me luck.

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