Friday, March 31, 2006


damn, i'm feeling so crappy now. the only reason is because there's still another assignment to do. well, other than that, i can't wait for college to end and for semester break to start. i'm gonna appreciate my holidays like heaven when it comes. ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT. *faints* luckily, my group members are all cooperative and we usually finish it up in a jiff. sigh...lucky me. ihate to repeat it, but DAmn, i can't wait for that last assignment to be over.

tomorrow i have to start work already for the F&N tarik-king roadshow thingy. the pay is not too bad but not that good too. enough to make me work for it... but the things i'm doing in that roadshow? adoiZ, i don't even wanna say. embarassing shit... i am really that desperate for money huh? well...the bad news, all those wages from the F&N, Lipton roadshows and survey company ain't coming till it's about JUNE. bloody hell. i'm going to be so poor for 2 months and then got all rich suddenly. headache! already have 2 bad headaches for 2 nights straight. goodness sake...i'm going nuts.

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