Sunday, June 18, 2006

fOOtball and betting

i was just back from Steven's Corner and the match between USA and Italy was quite interesting although i only watched the first half. i have no idea what's the result at the end of the game but i guess i couldn't bother more or less isn't it? i didn't bet on any games and i guess the thrill isn't so strong.

for the past few days, most of the mamaks are filled with people (as long as there's tv). even the mamaks who are usually empty and business-less are filled with people. whenever there's a goal being scored, u can see people jumping up or punching the air with their hands... shouting 'GOAL!' or whatever it is that sounds like 'YAY!'.

either they're betting on the game, that's why they're so excited (most prob winning). then we can see who's betting on the losing team (those who look grim and not punching the air!). OR these people can be just hardcore football fan. Hmmph....i bet most of them are betting!

all these football fever caused me to waste time looking for parking when going to Stevven's Corner at night! and also waste time looking for empty tables!

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