Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WhAt IF?

one day, you're stuck in this crossroads.
ONE way is the right thing to do,
the OTHER is a wrong path full of sins.
your mind says do the RIGHT thing,
the heart says foLLow your FEELINGS!

you stood at the middle,
looking left and right and left again.
then you think,
'which way makes me a happier person?'
the answer: to go with your heart...

so you went to the path of sin,
where more damage could be done,
where more people will be hurt.
where you may lose almost everything one day.

halfway through the path,
you felt guilty and thought of turning back.
then da' devil in you reminding..
all the happiness that the wrong path could bring,
telling you,
'my dear, even if you turn back....
things will never be the same again..'

if it's you in that situation,
will you go straight on to that path?
or will you turn back to do the right thing...
and forget the happiness that you could have?

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