Wednesday, June 28, 2006

routine-oriented week

so it's been a week since i last update my blog. and i can tell you what the heck i did in just a few sentences? why? Because it's the same thing everyday!! what a simple life... i'm getting the hang of it. having the holidays and becoming a 'fai' (useless) person everyday doing nothing but yam cha and going out. isn't that err....sad? or..relaxing? whatever...although i miss college, i know i'll miss my holidays more when class starts.

it's always waking up in the morning or afternoon to go eat. then after eating, maybe walk around midvalley or one utama or wherever that can waste time. then i have my 'hi-tea session'; which means yam cha again. then chit chat plus drinks...and waste time again. then without realising, it's dinner time. SO? time to go dinner... (eat again). after dinner, it's time to go Steven's corner to watch football. what you expect? football mania this month isn't i? and i get to win some money.. ('s illegal and i'm blogging bout it openly. hahaha sue me!)

i'm just back from yam cha and there's nothing else to do till evening so here i am blogging. and there's no football tonight *sobs*. a must-mention, i was yc-ing with carmen just now and i realised she has quite some good advices up her sleeves. don't think she's blur... because she definitely knows what's going on around her. even know who likes who... ahhha (haha carmen, i think you're right. i think she likes him). we even analysed the whole drama together and made up the conclusion. poor 'kai yeh'! he sounded like he was framed when carmen ask him that question.*breaks into laughter*

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