Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sUCking sErviCE

yOu know, i haven't really done this before but i guess this time is an exception.
AND i'm forced to!
due to dissatisfaction, anger and most of all...
what happened to good customer service in the F&B line?
some (very small percentage) waiter/waitresses these days are like morons.
damn, they're RUDE! obnoxious!

my goodness, if you're a regular at Mid Valley Megamall..
go take a trip down the rows of restaurant just outside the megamall.
it's somewhere beside Chilli and near Center Court.
there should be this fat bitch (brown-skin, hair tied back, fat and grumpy) standing at the cashier.
even better, go try and buy something and see the way she talks to you.
that day i went there to tapao breakfast...
my order was "two kopi-O and two sets of roti bakar"
she just slumberly punched the cashier and i paid her.
when the kopi-O arrived, it's hot... so i remember that i forgot to tell her i want kopi-o AIS.
i went back to the counter, told this chinese guy that looked like the person in charge..
"i want COLD kopi-O, not HOT. can i change?"
the fat bitch suddenly walked over and open her blaring mouth instantly saying,
"SHE did not say she want cold.. she just said Kopi-O!!"
my eyeballs were burning and could have stuffed kaya till it fills the brim of her mouth if it's legal to do so.
i looked at the chinese guy and said very politely,
"i'll pay you the extra charge, can i have it cold please?"
that bitch rolled her eyes at me...what the hell for?
i didn't even complain about her.
besides, when i did waitress-ing, i remember we have to ask the customer if they want it hot or cold (if they never mention).
she was the one who never clarify with me..
sudah-lah, i never cari pasal with her.. she wanna step on my tail.
should see her bloody face.

although their food isn't so bad...


Anonymous said...

i have no idea what you are talking about but youre very funny

+sammy+ said...

it doesn't feel funny at that time because i was fuming. im summary, i'm complaining about the cashier's attitude whe works in Killiney kopitiam midvalley.!