Saturday, May 31, 2008

My second BF's a dog

Let me introduce to you my beloved puppy, Bailey.
Someone asked if it's named after the coffee liquor: Baileys.
No it's not.
I don't know how but i just named him that way.
He was my birthday cum 2-yrs anniversary present from Ed and the gang.
Thank you Stephanie, Christine, Simon, Jackson and Pow.
And to Ed, Muax!

Bailey's only 2 months and 7 days old here.
Only had him for 3 days that time. Was so tiny.

Celebrated me and Mr.Pow's birthday in PD.
With our cakes and my b'day pressie!
And also mahjong :)

Acting like a boss. Like one isn't it?

In his favourite position when playing with his toys.

My fav pic of Bailey. Isn't he cute?
Closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out.

One morning i woke up, to find him sleeping on the mess he made.
One whole roll of tissue was wasted.
Tissue is one of his favourite 'toy'.

He now has cacat-ed ears. One standing nick straight and the other droopy.
He's 4 month's old today!

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