Monday, July 06, 2009


Is back to working life but could never let go of the life she had during that one month of stoning.

So what happened when you tried to combine two lifestyle into one?
A slacker life.
A workaholic life.

It becomes an inhumane way of living.

I sleep at the slacker time and wakes up with workaholic time.

I go out and about having outdoor activities that I've not done for a long time.
But also spends a frigging long time in the office walking about like going marathon.

I eat yogurt in the morning and drinks coffee at night.

I treated everynight like a Friday night.

I played basketball 3 times a week and goes hiking without having to nap.

I injured myself and still go limping around, resisting to rest at home.

I think I'm turning inhumane, having endless supply of energy.

I prefer to have the power to teleport, thank you.

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