Tuesday, December 27, 2005

brief updates

well, i think it's about time i update my blog. after few good days.

xmas eve was great... watched king kong in the afternoon. then go to darling's house to watch Wallace and Gromit on dvd, it's a MUST watch. that show's really funny. for dinner, met up with suetli, jamie and hor yan. had steamboat in ss15 & exchanged pressie.... went and meet darling's frens in bangsar for the countdown after dinner. well, what is there to say? as usual... the spray-fight. everyone gets dirty, sticky and happy. simple as that...

on xmas, i spent most of my day in ioi mall. all thanx to my bf... sigh. long story.. he made me wait 3 hours for him over there. then it's the usual dinner and stuff. nothing much...
today, donkey bf skipped work again cos he overslept. really really overslept. he was sleeping till 6 pm in the evening. i woke up at 2 pm today, went to my g'ma house to help her clean up.. then go home bathe and go to his house. had to knock him out of bed to have dinner with me. drove to ss2 pasar malam... buy food and eat and eat... so freaking full now. *burp* then after ss2, we go to wangsa maju near TAR college to buy CD, yes yes, i know... all the way there. just to buy a few CD. we're just too free i guess?

didn't talk to him all the way home because of some misunderstanding. it's the same problem actually. he said something, i didn't get the meaning. so i asked him again and he got irritated. this time he said "i can't breathe redi, don't make me angry". fine... talk less, less mistakes. so i chose to shut up. after he sent me to my door step, i felt the rush of telling him that i need a break. i want some time away from him, to think properly whether this is my problem in listening or he never send his msg clearly. whoever's problem is it...i just want to mend things because i ain't gonna let him go because of problem like this! just wish he could understand what kind of crap we're going through and help me say that he wants to repair things too. half of me was hoping that by telling him i need some time-out, he would start to think of this problem and if he really loves me, he will initiate something. a solution, i say. then he will learn to appreciate me more. but if things go the other way round, if he misunderstood wat i meant by time-out.... i'll lose him, he'll lose half of his feelings for me. dun need to remind me, i know i'm in a bloody dilemma.

life is always this ironic. whenever i felt like im floating up cos i was so happy with him, the downside is coming next. darn.

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